Inbound to Quebec City, a mecca of snowboard stardom, the Arbor team is brought together in anticipation of a big storm...

The day is March 27th, 2019. Frank April FaceTime calls me...

He says that Quebec has loads of snow and it’s time to put our crew to work. After a few missed calls and text back and forth, the Arbor Snowboard team are on flights to Frank April’s hometown of Quebec. Our crew consist of seasoned street snowboarders, Mike Liddle, Jed Sky, Tony Wagner , Andy James, myself and of course Frank April. No longer than 3 days later we are all in the same place at the same time hand digging snowboard spots on the south side of the snowy landscaped city.

"When the Arbor team gets together, there are no introductions, we are family and we always have been...

We share memories, our snowboards, and even our dinners. To say that we are a team is an understatement. These roots are hand-dug by our passion for snowboarding.  
In this short film I hope that you will personally see that when the Arbor team comes together, we go above and beyond and excel at what we consider snowboarding, and what we believe family amongst a team is all about... When your friend calls you and says to be there, we show up because it ain’t about shots, hours spent driving, colds or bad Poutine. We make the most out of our time together. This is Folklore.
- Erik Leon

All photos by Steph Fortier

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Frank April Edition

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